Open positions

The CINECA Interuniversity Consortium announces a selection for 30 permanent positions with qualified professional skills, to be included within the HPC Structure.

The HPC Department of CINECA provides the Italian and European scientific community with the most advanced high-performance computing resources, data processing, data management and data preservation systems and tools, specialized scientific technical skills and technology transfer, with the aim of maintaining and supporting the competitiveness of national public and private research. The main supercomputing systems of CINECA are ranked in the highest positions of the “Top500”, the list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

CINECA is part of all the most important national and European initiatives of infrastructure and development of High Performance Computing and data management, and it is primary partner of the project actions in this area.

The figures sought will be included in the teams involved in the ongoing projects in which CINECA participates as a partner, in many as well as first contractors, like the activation and development of the cutting-edge technological infrastructures of the Bologna Technopole, incluiding the development of the Supercomputer EuroHPC Leonardo.