To exascale and beyond. Unleash the power of European HPC and Quantum Computing

 The EuroHPC Summit Week 2024 is set to be held from March 18th to March 21st in Antwerp, Belgium, under the Belgian presidency,  at Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre. This year’s theme is “To Exascale and Beyond: Unleash the Power of European HPC and Quantum Computing”.

The summit will serve as always as a pivotal moment for European HPC and Quantum Computing stakeholders, bringing together suppliers, scientific and industrial users, as well as policymakers, to highlight the latest achievements and opportunities in the European supercomputing ecosystem. Moreover, it will provide a platform for discussions on the current and future challenges in the realm of HPC and Quantum Computing.

Organized by EuroHPC JU, the Summit stands as a crucial event in the HPC sector, offering attendees a prime opportunity to network and engage with the European HPC community.

Cineca, as a prominent participant in the European HPC landscape, will be actively involved in various sessions throughout the event.

On Monday, March18th, ANDREW EMERSON, HPC Scientific Application Engineer Senior Expertat Cineca, will present the DemoLab “Live demo with Leonardo Supercomputer supported by HPC Students Ambassadors”, starting at 12pm.

On Tuesday, March 19th, Cineca representatives will be featured in multiple sessions:

  • DANIELA GALETTI, System, Storage and HPC Manager  at Cineca, will participate in the Session titled “Current Usage, Anticipated Needs, and Future Challenges”, commencing at 9:30 am in Room Gorilla 1.
  • GABRIELLA SCIPIONE, Head of HPC Data Management and Data Analytics  at Cineca, will partake in the Session entitled “International Cooperation: What’s Next?”, beginning at 9:30 am in Room Gorilla 3.
  • ROBERTA TURRA, Head of the Data Analytics Team at Cineca, will engage in the Session named “Where Industrial AI and HPC Meet: Benefits, Requirements, Barriers”, starting at 11:30 in Room Gorilla 1.

On Thursday, 21th March, two sessions will feature Cineca representatives:

  • Cineca experts, SERGIO ORLANDINI, TIZIANA BASSI and LAURA MORSELLI, will take part in the Parallel Track  “AI Bootcamp on Leonardo”, starting at 2:00 pm in the Galapagos Room.
  • PIERO LANUCARA, Cineca main contact point for Cheese COE an WP2 Leader, will partake in the Parallel TrackElevate and Collaborate: European HPC NCCs and CoEs Workshop”, stating at 2:00 pm in the Darwin Hall.

These sessions will offer valuable insights into the current trends and future directions of European HPC, showcasing Cineca’s contributions to the field.

For more information and updates about the event, please visit the official EuroHPC Summit Week 2024 website.

EuroHPC Summit Week 2024