Applications for the Large AI Grand Challenge are still open until 13th of February.

In an innovative initiative to put European start-ups and SMEs at the forefront of AI innovation, the Large AI Grand Challenge, in collaboration with the EuroHPC-JU, invites generative AI pioneers to apply for a cash prize of up to €250,000. In addition, successful applicants will gain exclusive access to Europe’s best supercomputers, including Leonardo supercomputer, to train their AI models.

Running from 16 November 2023 to 13 February 2024, the Large AI Grand Challenge is open to European organisations with experience in building large-scale language models and a deep understanding of supercomputing capabilities. The challenge aims to harness the potential of large-scale AI models, which can be adapted to different domains without significant changes, to revolutionise industries.

Participants are invited to submit proposals to develop a basic language model using dedicated EuroHPC JU supercomputers such as LUMI or the Leonardo. The proposed model must be trained from scratch, have at least 30 billion parameters and follow state-of-the-art optimal scaling laws for computation and training data size.

Applicants must provide a comprehensive project plan and scope, demonstrating the relevance of the model, the justification for the use of HPC, and their team’s experience in training basic models on supercomputers. A well-defined plan for the efficient use of the target supercomputer, be it LUMI or Leonardo, is crucial.

The objectives of the Large AI Grand Challenge are to stimulate the development of large-scale AI models in Europe and to significantly raise the visibility of European activities in this transformative field. The competition aims to reward innovative start-ups and SMEs that are committed to developing AI models that give Europe a competitive advantage.

A unique feature of this challenge is the opportunity for up to four winning proposals to receive an allocation of 2 million GPU hours on the LUMI or Leonardo supercomputers, in addition to the €250,000 cash prize. For those using the Leonardo supercomputer, this allocation is a golden ticket to harness the enormous computing power to develop their large-scale artificial intelligence models.

SMEs that meet the eligibility criteria can submit proposals for both LUMI and Leonardo supercomputers, with a chance to win in both categories. The application window is open from 16 November 2023, 12pm CET, to 13 February 2024, 5pm CET, and offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the AI landscape and be part of a network in collaboration with the European Commission’s DG Connect – CNECT AI and Robotics and EuroHPC-JU. Interested organisations are invited to consult the updated Guide for Applicants and apply via the F6S platform.

More informations are avaliable on the AI boost project website.

Large AI grand challenge