Minister urso

The Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso was our guest at the Technopole, welcomed by President Francesco Ubertini and Director General Alessandra Poggiani. The visit was also attended by the Honourable Rosaria Tassinari and Deputy Prefect Anna Pavone.

The subject of the meeting was the Leonardo supercomputer and the supercomputing strategy outlined by Cineca in collaboration with the world of research, which sees Italy as a leading international player in technological innovation, and lays the foundations for the realisation of the European system of computational science.

In line with what emerged during the Italian-led G7 meeting, we reiterate the importance of ensuring connectivity systems based on secure and resilient digital infrastructures, and of pursuing private investment strategies and public support instruments with reference to the two major strands of new technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technologies, as tools at the service of businesses”.

The Minister commented, pointing out that Italy is ready to compete globally on the issues that will characterise the future of our society and to respond to complex challenges by transforming them into opportunities for innovation.

President Ubertini reiterated the fundamental role of the Leonardo supercomputer and the supercomputing strategy, emphasising how these initiatives not only promote the advancement of scientific research, but also have concrete repercussions on the competitiveness of Italy and the European Union in the global panorama of technological innovation, thanks to the joint commitment of the public and private sectors.

High-performance computing is crucial to achieving progress in research for the entire European Union.