Today, August 3rd, marks the official start of the production phase for Leonardo’s Booster module.

From November until now, the pre-production phase has been underway, during which Leonardo has been made available for calculations on selected projects. This phase has also served to test the machine and fine-tune certain functionalities.

It has been an especially significant phase as it has given users the opportunity to utilize the entire machine to run their own code, which is not typically possible. A recent example of full utilization of a machine on a single project occurred with Marconi100 during the Covid period, where Dompé used the entire cluster for several days to conduct active ingredient screenings for designing an anti-Covid therapy.

Leonardo production phase

The computing power of Leonardo will be made accessible to Italy, the European community, and national and international public and private entities for research and innovation activities.

Designed to meet the needs of diverse disciplinary fields, Leonardo will contribute to the mitigation and management of risks associated with extreme natural events, including flashfloods, heatwaves, and even tsunami simulations, that can arise following an earthquake or volcanic events. Leonardo will also assist in combating new pandemics, epidemics, and pathogens, and for urgent and extreme computing in general.

Access calls, both at the Italian and European levels, are already open. Further information is available on our dedicated resources page.

More information on accessing Leonardo’s production environment is available on the Cineca HPC website.