Video Cooling System

One of the revolutionary aspects of Leonardo is its water cooling system, which makes it even more unique.

This video leads us to discover this fundamental aspect of Leonardo: without it, the supercomputer would literally burn in a very short time, rapidly losing efficiency and, in fact, it would stop working.

 The racks are cooled with tempered water: the water enters the cooling circuits at 37°C and leaves them at 47°C, heated by the CPUs involved in the calculations. It is then sent, through a mesh of pipes and anti-seismic supports in the sub-floor, to the 16 adiabatic disposal plants.

Under the white space, there are 4 technological tunnels connected to a newly constructed building and to the 4 refrigeration plants, passing under the foundations of the large Ballette building.

This allows Leonardo to cool down using temperate water without the use of refrigeration units, but only gigantic fans called dry coolers, which exploit an adiabatic process of water evaporation to reduce water temperature.

Produced by Cineca with Blender software, thanks to Eviden high-detail models, this short video takes us where we physically couldn’t go: into Leonardo’s very foundations.

The video was previewed during Leonardo’s inauguration and is now available on the official youtube channel.


Production: Cineca
Direction: Giovanni Bellavia
Animation and graphics: AirPixel, Paolo Zuzolo, Daniele De Luca
3D Modelling: Paolo Zuzolo, Daniele De Luca
Editing: Airpixel
3D Models: Eviden, Cineca
Music: leanmindsounds, “Ambient Technology Electronic”

video cooling system