The fifth edition of High Performance Computing & Quantum Computing (HPCQC), the annual conference held by Cineca Quantum Computing Lab, this year in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Milan, focused on the relationship between HPC and quantum computing, was held yesterd. 

After the success of previous years, HPCQC reaches its fifth edition, and like every year it has brought together the community of researchers and companies working in this field.

But this year with something extra: the recent approval by EuroHPC JU of the first six European quantum computers, one of which will be hosted at Cineca, turns the spotlight even more strongly on the increasingly close relationship between these two technologies. 

The event this year consisted of four sessions, with a broad overview of the European and Italian environment, with a look at the large quantum infrastructure that is being created with the continuation of the HPCQS project, an initiative that aims to integrate and coupling two quantum systems with as many existing Tier-0 supercomputers; and of EuroQCS, another initiative that arises from a white paper written by the most important European supercomputing centers and which aims to strengthen collaboration on the HPC/QC theme throughout Europe.

This was followed by the session dedicated to startups involved in physically building quantum computers in Europe, while in the third session the big names in the IT industry took the stage, with the participation of IBM, D-Wave and Pasqal. 

Finally, representatives of universities and research centers discussed how the application of quantum technologies can bring innovation to research processes. 

The appointment is renewed for next year, with HPCQC 2023. 

The poster of the event.