Cineca hosted the 13th edition of the European Workshops on HPC Infrastructures from May 30th to June 1st 2023.

The programme included:

  • An update from EuroHPC including presentations from several EuroHPC sites.
  • Updates from several large HPC sites in Europe, Japan and USA focusing on major challenges for HPC centres and future plans.
  • Technical presentations on sustainabilty including reuse of system waste heat.
  • Technical presentations on cooling including cooling water chemistry and cooling controls.
  • Detailed visit of the CINECA and ECMWF site in the Bologna Technopole.

The aim of this series of workshops is to bring together specialists for HPC centre design and operation to discuss the latest infrastructure trends and technologies for supercomputing centres. Given that the requirements for HPC centres differ significantly from traditional data centres this workshop provides a unique forum to exchange information with other sites that have similar requirements and challenges. The workshop includes a PRACE extension reserved to site belonging to the PRACE ecosystem.

The workshops cover a number of interesting updates from various HPC sites around Europe and beyond; Energy Efficient Computing; Infrastructure Technologies; and some considerations about future developments in HPC.

More information on the event website.