The virtuous circuit between Big Data and the Pact for Work and Climate“, article by Sanzio Bassini, director of HPC Cineca, published in the latest issue of Pandora Magazine, deals with the incubation process of one of the major European Data Valleys in the Bolognese area: the Technopole of Bologna.Big data Technopole

Starting from European experiences and ongoing projects, the article describes the elements that make this project a concrete example of the innovation potential of our country.

The Italian Data Valley is not only inspired by and competes with the most advanced points of the European system, but also constitutes an essential component of the national system for the construction of sustainable development and universal and inclusive welfare. On the basis of these findings, the continuity between the conception and progressive implementation of the regional Data Valley system on the one hand, and the signing by all social, corporate and institutional representatives of the Pact for Work and Climate on the other. This has created a situation where input and output – the goal and the enabling system for its achievement – are intertwined in a virtuous way.


Foto courtesy of Pandora Rivista

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