The LEAP call, Leonardo Early Access Program, is now open and officially launches the pre-production phase of Leonardo.

In this first phase, projects will be selected, with no nationality limits, which will run on Leonardo’s GPU-based Booster module (we talk about it here).

The program is aimed at projects that are expected to have a high scientific impact and are able to exploit an extremely wide availability of computational resources, and is open to all sectors of science, industry and the public sector.

Projects will have to demonstrate to be production-ready and be able to exploit Leonardo’s full performance as efficiently as possible in order to produce valuable scientific results.

It is a very important phase, as it allows scientists and researchers to take advantage of the full computational power of Leonardo’s Booster module, equipped with 3456 compute nodes, each provided with four NVIDIA Ampere-based GPUs driven by a single 32 Intel Ice Lake CPU core. It will also allow to test the functionality of the machine at full capacity.

The call is already open, and the selected projects will be able to take advantage of Leonardo during the pre-production, scheduled tentatively from the beginning of January to the end of March 2023.

For more information, download the text of the full call details, or visit tour resources page.


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